Sustainability Communications

Sustainability Reporting and Communications

Sustainability reporting has become a widely accepted way for businesses to present their sustainability performance to their stakeholders. Whether the report is aligned with the frameworks of the Global Reporting Initiative or SASB, or is an Integrated Report that combines financial and non-financial reporting, sustainability reporting has become a common tool for corporations to report on their sustainability policies, programs and impacts. Sustainserv has helped prepare over 200 Sustainability Reports for our clients, most aligned with the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative.

Sustainability reporting has become:

  • An expected communication tool for medium and large companies
  • A way to communicate risks and opportunities to your stakeholders
  • An opportunity to engage your employees in your commitment to sustainable business practices
  • An important part of employer branding & image building

What are the necessary foundations for good reporting?

It is important to have a strategic selection of relevant content (materiality), a clear goal in mind for your reporting process, and standardized processes to collect and compile data and draft engaging storylines. Over the past decade, our team has developed effective approaches for determining material issues, collecting and compiling stories and data, and preparing engaging and creative sustainability reports.

Our Approach