International Sustainable Campus Network Update

The Sustainserv team has just entered its fourth year of coordinating the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN),dedicated to promoting sustainable campus planning, construction and operations worldwide. Currently, more than 100 universities and colleges are participating in the ISCN (, where senior administration and faculty with responsibility for sustainability on campus exchange information, experiences and best practices.

Greening the Supply Chain

Sustainserv Director Matt Gardner spoke at the recent seminar on "Greening the Supply Chain" in Boston, MA on September 17.This seminar, organized by Groom Energy, featured some of the leading practitioners in the field of supply chain management. Participants and speakers were those who are interested in managing the greenhouse gas impacts, and more broadly the sustainability impacts, of their supply chains. In addition to Matt, speakers included representatives of PepsiCo, HP Hood, Stonyfield Farms, Clear Standards and other leading corporations, NGO's and governmental agencies.

Sustainserv to be GRI Training Partner

Recognizing it’s long track record in sustainability reporting, and its position as a leading consultant for the development of GRI-checked reportsSustainserv has been selected to become a GRI Training Partner for Switzerland. In this capacity, the Sustainserv team will develop a series of workshops and training programs for companies and organizations interested in developing sustainability reports that align with the standards established by the Global Reporting Initiative.