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An der 21. Konferenz der Parteien (COP 21) im Dezember 2015 haben die 195 Parteien das Pariser Abkommen verfasst, das seine Unterzeichner verpflichtet, den globalen Temperaturanstieg auf unter 2°C im Vergleich zur vorindustriellen Ära zu begrenzen. Dies stellt Unternehmen vor Herausforderungen, da sie infolge der Ratifizierung angehalten sind, zum Erreichen der nationalen Ausstoss-Senkungsziele beizutragen. Die Ethos Stiftung hat bereits ihre Erwartungen diesbezüglich an Schweizer Unternehmen adressiert.

Mit dem Ansatz der sogenannten «science-based targets» können Unternehmen 2°C-kompatible Treibhausgas-Ziele berechnen. Knapp 200 führende Unternehmen weltweit haben sich bereits öffentlich dazu verpflichtet solche ambitionierte CO2-Ziele festzulegen.

Sustainserv hat als führendes Beratungsunternehmen in diesem Gebiet bereits diverse Unternehmen bei der Erstellung von 2°C-kompatiblen Treibhausgas-Zielen unterstützt. Adrian Siegrist, Senior Consultant bei Sustainserv, zeigt Ihnen auf, welchen Nutzen «science-based targets» für Ihr Unternehmen bietet und was es bei der Umsetzung zu beachten gilt.

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Datum: 6. Dezember 2016
Ort: Sustainserv GmbH, Gartenstrasse 16, 8002 Zürich
Programm:  15:00 – ca. 16.00 Präsentation & Diskussion
Anschliessend (Chlaus-)Apéro und Gelegenheit zum Netzwerken

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GRI Standards Launch Event: Chicago, November 29, 2016: Chicago, IL

Explore the new GRI Standards

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 from 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM (CST)

Chicago, IL

GRI, in collaboration with Northern Trust, BrownFlynn and Sustainserv, invites you to join this free event. Whether you’re a sustainability reporting beginner, or a seasoned reporter, this interactive session is designed to give you a detailed overview of the very latest developments in sustainability reporting.

You’ll be guided through the benefits of the new GRI Standards, gain insights on the changes from the current version, the GRI G4 Guidelines. You’ll also have ample opportunity to ask questions to the experts who have been instrumental in developing the Standards. Network with fellow peers, exchange knowledge and be at the forefront of the latest developments of the reporting landscape.

07:00am - 07:15am         Registration and Breakfast
07:15am - 07:45am     Networking
07:45am - 08:30am    

GRI Standards Presentation
Eric Hespenheide, Interim Chief Executive, GRI

08:30am - 08:50am     Q&A with the audience
08:50am - 09:20am    

Panel Discussion

moderator: tbc
panelists: Eric Hespenheide; Barb Brown, Principal & Co-owner, BrownFlynn; Connie Lindsey, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Diversity & Inclusion, Northern Trust

09:20am - 09:30am     Wrap-up and closure


Registration is free of charge. Space is limited so we encourage early registration to secure your place. Registration is limited to 2 places per organization (3 places for GRI GOLD Community members).

Register now!

The full overview of GRI Standards Launch Events is available here (list will be updated on a regular basis).

BrownFlynn and Sustainserv form Strategic Partnership

Strengthen Sustainability Expertise and Geographic Reach

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BrownFlynn, a Cleveland-based corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm, and Sustainserv, a Zurich- and Boston-based corporate sustainability, analytics and communications firm, have entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership will leverage complementary capabilities to give corporations access to a comprehensive and expanded library of sustainability services in the North America, Europe, and Asia.

BrownFlynn and Sustainserv are two of the pioneering firms in corporate sustainability consulting and, together, bring more than 35 years’ experience delivering sustainability services and training to global companies across many sectors. The firms, which for the past 12 months have been collaborating on key projects, will work together with public and private organizations—and their key stakeholders—to effectively quantify, measure, manage, govern, report, and develop strategies to address their most material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts. In addition, they will collaborate on the development of next-generation corporate sustainability products and services, including approaches to integrated reporting, investor relations services, new data collection and analytics tools, stakeholder engagement, training, and techniques to address supply chain sustainability.

“BrownFlynn aspires to create a world where all companies operate in a manner that enables current and future generations to thrive,” said Margie Flynn, principal and co-founder of BrownFlynn. “We believe our partnership with Sustainserv brings us closer to achieving that vision. By coming together, we can serve clients around the globe and offer them world-class sustainability services. The timing is particularly beneficial to companies that will be required to fulfill the EU Directive on corporate social responsibility reporting.”

Matthew Gardner, a managing partner and co-founder of Sustainserv said, “We are very excited about this collaboration. Our firms share a strong sense of purpose and vision, and we are delighted to bring BrownFlynn’s tools and expertise —such as what they have developed for ESG investors— to our clients. This partnership will bring great energy to our innovation and product development processes, allowing us to more quickly develop and rollout exciting new products and methodologies for companies seeking to integrate sustainability into their business processes.”


About BrownFlynn

Founded in January 1996, BrownFlynn is a leading corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm. The Firm advises Fortune 500 and privately held companies to drive value creation by focusing on and managing their greatest sustainability impacts, setting their direction, engaging stakeholders, and communicating their stories internally and externally. BrownFlynn is the first U.S.-certified training partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the only U.S. consulting partner for EcoVadis, a leader in sustainability supply chain assessments. The Firm shares its expertise through speaking engagements, whitepapers, webinars, collaborative partnerships, and regular columns in leading publications. To learn more, visit

About Sustainserv

Sustainserv was founded in 2001 in Zurich, Switzerland, and Boston, Massachusetts. Its team of consultants works with companies in a large variety of sectors to help them develop well-matched sustainability strategies, quantitatively understand their impacts and effectively communicate their efforts and aspirations to internal and external stakeholders. Sustainserv’s team brings a wide range of skills and experience, enabling them to deliver tailored solutions to companies wherever they are in the sustainability journey. Sustainserv has helped in the preparation of more than 200 sustainability and annual reports and is a GRI-certified training partner in Switzerland. Sustainserv regularly offers workshops, training courses, and seminars in its Boston and Zurich locations. To learn more, visit


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Sustainable Supply Chains Webinar

Sustainable Supply Chains - September 28, 2016 - 1:00pm ET

In collaboration with ModusLink Global Solutions, Sustainserv Partner Matthew Gardner presented a webinar on how to work towards sustainability in your supply chain. 

Supply chain sustainability programs commonly consist of companies struggling to provide information of varying degrees of relevance about their environmental, social and compliance-related programs to their clients and suppliers. Often, this is an exercise done under duress that results in inadequate tangible impacts outside of the added burden it places on all parties.

This webinar covered:

  • How to unveil strategies and collaborative approaches to improving sustainability performance across the value chain
  • Exploring options for companies to collaborate effectively
  • Sharing knowledge and make real improvements on environmental and social performance for all parties
  • A sample of real-life examples of successful collaborations efforts
  • Promising approaches for companies across sectors

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