International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) at UBC

The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) hosts its 11th annual conference at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. Over 130 guests ranging from academics, thought leaders, corporate professionals, sustainability practitioners, and students will convene from June 26-28, 2017 to discuss and spread sustainability knowledge focusing on this year’s conference theme, Climate.City.Campus.

At a global level, climate change is one of the biggest sustainability issues of our time. At a regional level, cities create huge impact – both positive and negative. At a local level, campuses also make an impact. The ISCN 2017 conference at UBC will interweave each of these elements to embody its theme, Climate.City.Campus.

Co-hosted by UBC and the City of Vancouver (CoV) and hosting registrants from 31 countries and 78 institutions, this conference will serve as a platform for exploration, discussion, learning, and networking. Adding to this diversity, ISCN 2017 at UBC also boasts registrants from a variety of roles and disciplines within the university-city-corporate landscape. This conference will also show the power of collaboration between campuses and cities. Attendees will gain insight into the UBC-CoV strategic relationship and see successful practical examples from ISCN member institutions.

 ISCN 2017 stats 1

ISCN 2017 stats 2

“Our annual conference is one of the cornerstone activities of the ISCN and where a cross-section of those intimately involved with campus sustainability gather to cross-pollinate ideas, learn, and further sustainability in higher education”, says This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Executive Director of the ISCN, and consultant at Sustainserv, Inc. “ISCN 2017 is set in one of the most sustainability oriented places on the world, Vancouver, British Columbia and we are thrilled to be working with conference co-hosts, University of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver.” 


About the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN)

The ISCN includes over 80 globally leading colleges including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, University of Oxford, ETH Zurich, the National University of Singapore, the University of Melbourne, and The University of Hong Kong. ISCN universities represent over 20 countries and work together to holistically integrate sustainability into campus operations, research and teaching. The mission of the ISCN is to provide a global forum to support leading colleges, universities, and corporate campuses in the exchange of information, ideas, and best practices for achieving sustainable campus operations and integrating sustainability in research and teaching.

Execution of the ISCN's strategic goals is supported by the ISCN Secretariat, operated by Sustainserv, Inc., and led by the Executive Director of the ISCN. Sustainserv Managing Partner Bernd Kasemir serves as the Secretary of the ISCN Board. The Secretariat supports and manages member relations, network development and outreach, resource materials, and strategic program management activities.

For more information on the ISCN, please visit the ISCN’s website. For inquiries, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Check out the ISCN on Twitter (using the hashtag, #ISCN2017 for the conference and @ISCNSecretariat Twitter handle) and visit the ISCN on Linkedin.

Sustainserv Welcomes New Colleagues

Two new colleagues joined Sustainserv’s Boston office on 30 May 2017, thus broadening the Sustainserv team and expertise. We welcome Charlotte Meissner, consultant, and Jamie Daudon, intern:

Charlotte Meissner


 c meissner

Charlotte brings a diverse mix of skills and backgrounds to Sustainserv. A former infection biologist and scientist, she gained her first experiences in sustainability consulting working for a green assistance and certification program for small to medium sized businesses. Assisting organizations in their individual sustainability journey is something she deeply enjoys. She later acted as Membership Coordinator of the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts. There, she was also able to gather considerable expertise in event management. Most notably, Charlotte was the Coordinator of the 40,000 attendees strong Boston Local Food Festival - an experience that deepened her passion for gardening, cooking, and food justice.

Having grown up in Germany, Charlotte also loves biking, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors of New England. Charlotte holds a Master’s of Science degree in Biology from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, as well as a Master’s degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University.

Feel free to reach out to Charlotte: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jamie Daudon


 j daudon 2

Jamie Daudon brings strong analytical, writing, and quantitative skills to support the Sustainserv team. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Colorado College in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), an interdisciplinary major that enables him to evaluate sustainability challenges and opportunities with an integrated and comprehensive approach. Before joining Sustainserv, Jamie provided project and research support in the clean energy, climate resiliency, and clean transportation fields for a Seattle-based consulting firm.

Jamie will miss his hometown of Seattle, but is very excited to explore the sustainability scene in Boston. He loves to get outside for skiing, backpacking, or biking adventures, and recently completed a cross-country biking journey from Boston to Los Angeles in Fall, 2016. Jamie also enjoys travelling abroad, having spent extended time in Nepal, South Africa, Madagascar, and Laos over the past five years. He is committed to working toward meaningful solutions to our country’s most pressing environmental and political challenges, and considers the business community an essential partner in these solutions.

Feel free to reach out to Jamie: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We’re excited to have Charlotte and Jamie on our team! Please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Managing Partner of Sustainserv, if you have any questions.

Sustainserv at the NHBSR Spring 2017 Conference

Last week, we joined over 200 other professionals, business leaders, and academics in Concord, New Hampshire for the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) Spring 2017 conference. NHBSR and the NHBSR Spring 2017 conference bring together a network of businesses and their diverse stakeholders to support businesses and their change agents to move from idea to action and manifest the notion of “doing well by doing good”. The theme of this year’s NHBSR Spring 2017 conference was “Be Bold: Voices for Impact”.

As the presenting sponsor of this year’s conference, the event kicked off with an inspiring talk from our Managing Partner Matthew Gardner. During this welcome, Matthew addressed how companies can develop value through sustainability—no matter the size of the company or the breadth of their sustainability management program. This includes understanding what’s important for the company, and how to manage and pursue those material topics strategically for the long-term.

Matt GardnerMatthew Gardner, Managing Partner of Sustainserv Inc. Sustainserv was the Presenting Sponsor of the NHBSR Spring 2017 conference.

Following this presentation, Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco-Strategies and author of Green to Gold and The Big Pivot: Innovation and Value Creation in a Hotter, Scarcer, More Open World, took the stage for a captivating presentation on climate change, the world’s mega-trends, and businesses’ role in sustainability. He concluded with the statement, “business cannot thrive unless people and the planet thrive.”

The day was full of a variety of panelists presenting on fascinating and bold corporate social responsibility (CSR)-related topics, and it concluded with an afternoon keynote presentation from Christopher Miller, Social Mission Activism Manager at Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream. Christopher highlighted several of Ben & Jerry’s activism strategies, including targeting messages through marketing, and how this has positively impacted business return on investment (ROI) and sustainability initiatives.

We were delighted to be part of such a thoughtful and engaging event. We plan to continue participating in future NHBSR conferences, and hope to see you at other events we attend! If you have any questions regarding our participation in the NHBSR Spring 2017 conference or want to learn more about our work, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thoughtful Discussions and Engaging Questions at Sustainserv’s Integrated Reporting Event

Last Tuesday, we hosted an event on Integrated Reporting with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Senior Advisor to Sustainserv and author of One Report and The Integrated Reporting Movement, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Managing Partner of Sustainserv, at our office in Boston. Over 18 people attended our event, which resulted in thought-provoking, lively discussions about the exciting topic of Integrated Reporting and long-term value creation and strategy.

During this event, Bernd Kasemir walked through the basics of Integrated Reporting, highlighting the current landscape both globally and in the US. Kasemir also touched on a brief history of Integrated Reporting, drawing facts from the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). He outlined the ways in which integrated management and Integrated Reporting walk hand-in-hand, and elaborated upon the BrownFlynn/Sustainserv approach to Integrated Reporting and long-term strategic management. In particular, Kasemir described how the best entry point depends on each company’s trajectory.

Bernd Kasemir: “Integrated Reporting and Integrated Management are flip sides of the same coin. From which side you start your journey towards an integrated approach to business success depends on what fits best for your company. As long as you strategically address financial and pre-financial aspects of your business together, you’ll improve your ability to create value in the long term.” 

integrated reporting

Mike Krzus’ white paper, “Integrated Reporting for a Long-term Strategy” highlights key Integrated Reporting concepts. It is available from the IIRC website under Training and Resources.

Mike Krzus dove into the purpose, mission, and vision for companies and Integrated Reporting—describing the competitive advantage of using innovation and materiality to build strategic, long-term management approaches and goals that couple sustainability and the capitals of Integrated Reporting as KPIs. Krzus handed off the presentation to Kasemir, who went through a specific example of an Integrated Report put together by Sustainserv: Clariant’s first Integrated Report 2016. Clariant, a multinational specialty chemicals company, released this report in February of 2017, and it demonstrates the key business model put forth by Integrated Reporting.

clariant biz model

Clariant’s Business Model. Accessed from Clariant’s Integrated Report 2016.

Participants in our Integrated Reporting event found it engaging and asked many thoughtful questions throughout the presentation. If you have any questions, please feel free to forward them along: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We also hope to see you and your colleagues at our next event!