Sustainserv at the NHBSR Spring 2017 Conference

Last week, we joined over 200 other professionals, business leaders, and academics in Concord, New Hampshire for the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) Spring 2017 conference. NHBSR and the NHBSR Spring 2017 conference bring together a network of businesses and their diverse stakeholders to support businesses and their change agents to move from idea to action and manifest the notion of “doing well by doing good”. The theme of this year’s NHBSR Spring 2017 conference was “Be Bold: Voices for Impact”.

As the presenting sponsor of this year’s conference, the event kicked off with an inspiring talk from our Managing Partner Matthew Gardner. During this welcome, Matthew addressed how companies can develop value through sustainability—no matter the size of the company or the breadth of their sustainability management program. This includes understanding what’s important for the company, and how to manage and pursue those material topics strategically for the long-term.

Matt GardnerMatthew Gardner, Managing Partner of Sustainserv Inc. Sustainserv was the Presenting Sponsor of the NHBSR Spring 2017 conference.

Following this presentation, Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco-Strategies and author of Green to Gold and The Big Pivot: Innovation and Value Creation in a Hotter, Scarcer, More Open World, took the stage for a captivating presentation on climate change, the world’s mega-trends, and businesses’ role in sustainability. He concluded with the statement, “business cannot thrive unless people and the planet thrive.”

The day was full of a variety of panelists presenting on fascinating and bold corporate social responsibility (CSR)-related topics, and it concluded with an afternoon keynote presentation from Christopher Miller, Social Mission Activism Manager at Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream. Christopher highlighted several of Ben & Jerry’s activism strategies, including targeting messages through marketing, and how this has positively impacted business return on investment (ROI) and sustainability initiatives.

We were delighted to be part of such a thoughtful and engaging event. We plan to continue participating in future NHBSR conferences, and hope to see you at other events we attend! If you have any questions regarding our participation in the NHBSR Spring 2017 conference or want to learn more about our work, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thoughtful Discussions and Engaging Questions at Sustainserv’s Integrated Reporting Event

Last Tuesday, we hosted an event on Integrated Reporting with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Senior Advisor to Sustainserv and author of One Report and The Integrated Reporting Movement, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Managing Partner of Sustainserv, at our office in Boston. Over 18 people attended our event, which resulted in thought-provoking, lively discussions about the exciting topic of Integrated Reporting and long-term value creation and strategy.

During this event, Bernd Kasemir walked through the basics of Integrated Reporting, highlighting the current landscape both globally and in the US. Kasemir also touched on a brief history of Integrated Reporting, drawing facts from the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). He outlined the ways in which integrated management and Integrated Reporting walk hand-in-hand, and elaborated upon the BrownFlynn/Sustainserv approach to Integrated Reporting and long-term strategic management. In particular, Kasemir described how the best entry point depends on each company’s trajectory.

Bernd Kasemir: “Integrated Reporting and Integrated Management are flip sides of the same coin. From which side you start your journey towards an integrated approach to business success depends on what fits best for your company. As long as you strategically address financial and pre-financial aspects of your business together, you’ll improve your ability to create value in the long term.” 

integrated reporting

Mike Krzus’ white paper, “Integrated Reporting for a Long-term Strategy” highlights key Integrated Reporting concepts. It is available from the IIRC website under Training and Resources.

Mike Krzus dove into the purpose, mission, and vision for companies and Integrated Reporting—describing the competitive advantage of using innovation and materiality to build strategic, long-term management approaches and goals that couple sustainability and the capitals of Integrated Reporting as KPIs. Krzus handed off the presentation to Kasemir, who went through a specific example of an Integrated Report put together by Sustainserv: Clariant’s first Integrated Report 2016. Clariant, a multinational specialty chemicals company, released this report in February of 2017, and it demonstrates the key business model put forth by Integrated Reporting.

clariant biz model

Clariant’s Business Model. Accessed from Clariant’s Integrated Report 2016.

Participants in our Integrated Reporting event found it engaging and asked many thoughtful questions throughout the presentation. If you have any questions, please feel free to forward them along: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We also hope to see you and your colleagues at our next event!

Are you ready for Integrated Reporting?

Communicating a clear, concise, and integrated story that explains how your company creates value is essential to engage your stakeholders. Integrated Reporting  can play a key role in this, and we invite you to join us for a roundtable lunch seminar on Integrated Reporting, an exciting new form of corporate reporting that enhances the way organizations think, plan and report the story of their business.

Joining us will be Mike Krzus, a pioneer and renowned expert in Integrated Reporting, and the author of “The Integrated Reporting Movement” and “One Report” with Bob Eccles. Mike serves as Senior Advisor to Sustainserv and BrownFlynn.

BK 150sqmike krzusa
Bernd Kasemir and Mike Krzus

According to the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), Integrated Reporting, or <IR>, is enhancing the way organizations think, plan and report the story of their business.

Integrated Reporting helps companies clearly articulate their value creation process by way of material financial and non-financial performance indicators, and how they interact with the business model of the company. It also helps  businesses think holistically about their strategy and plans, make informed decisions and manage key risks to build investor and stakeholder confidence and improve future performance. <IR> is shaped by a diverse coalition including business leaders and investors to drive a global evolution in corporate reporting.

In this workshop, Mike Krzus and Sustainserv’s Managing Partner, Bernd Kasemir, will discuss An Effective Approach to Integrated Reporting and Integrated Management. Their presentation will draw upon Mike Krzus’ recently released white paper “Integrated Reporting for a Long-Term Strategy” and Sustainserv’s experience supporting the global chemical company, Clariant, with the development of Clariant’s Integrated Report 2016 and Sustainability Report 2016. We will dive into the benefits and long-term value of Integrated Reporting while highlighting ways it communicates innovatively and effectively to key stakeholders.

Date: Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm
Location: 31 State Street, 10th Floor, Boston, MA

Lunch and validated parking at the Garage at Post Office Square will be provided.

About Bernd Kasemir, Managing Partner, Sustainserv: Bernd focuses on the intersection of strategy, management, and reporting for corporate initiatives that bridge financial and pre-financial (ESG) topics. His work often involves making ESG indicators, such as those developed by the Global Reporting Initiative, accessible and easy to use for internal management systems and external reports. With his broad background, which includes a Ph.D. in chemistry from ETH Zurich, postdoctoral work in environmental sociology at Harvard, and training in business administration at IMD, he brings an integrative perspective to his work with Sustainserv’s clients.

About Mike Krzus: Mike brings practical experience and insight to his role as a Senior Advisor to Sustainserv. He collaborates with Sustainserv and BrownFlynn to develop integrated reporting services and consulting approaches that help clients understand how integrated reporting builds trust, attracts long-term investors, and creates value for shareholders and society. He worked for 38 years in industry and public accounting prior to retiring from a global accounting firm in 2011 and founding Mike Krzus Consulting, and has been an independent integrated reporting consultant with public and privately held companies. Mike is coauthor, with Robert G. Eccles and Sydney Ribot, of The Integrated Reporting Movement: Meaning, Momentum, Motives, and Materiality (Wiley, 2015). Mike and Bob Eccles also wrote One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy. In addition, he has written or coauthored 14 articles, five book chapters, two case studies, two teaching notes, and a working paper on integrated reporting. Mike is a passionate advocate for integrated reporting and has spoken at business forums, investor meetings, regulatory agencies, accounting firms, stock exchanges, and universities around the world.

To Register for this Roundtable, please click here.

GRI Standards Certified Training

datesSustainserv offers GRI-certified training courses for sustainability reporting.

There are a large number of published sustainability reports and sustainability practitioners must find a way to present their company's performance in a comprehensive and comparable way.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) provides a framework for transparent communication of sustainability performance.

In our GRI certified training courses, you will receive an introduction to the GRI Standards and an overview of trends in sustainability reporting, practical guidance and tools for the introduction and optimization of sustainability reporting in your company.

With the creation of nearly 150 GRI reports - which all successfully reached the desired GRI service - Sustainserv is one of the most experienced consultancies in the field of sustainability.

The GRI training courses are offered as two-day courses (2 x 8 hours) or as half-day courses (advanced) at a central location in Zurich. Presentations, case studies, group exercises and discussions help participants apply the course content actively and strengthen the learning experience.

Flyer about the training courses

Next courses:

Mo/Tu, June 26/27, 2017 GRI Standards course for beginners
Fr afternoon, September 15, 2017 GRI Standards course advanced
Mo/Tu, October 9/10, 2017 GRI Standards course for beginners