Designing your Sustainability Strategy

Many companies struggle with articulating their sustainability strategy. Answering the five key questions of why, what, who, how and when, brings a clarity and structure to the development of your strategy.

  • Why? What is the motivation to engage in sustainability? Cost savings? Corporate values? Regulatory pressure? Market opportunities?
  • What? Which sustainability issues are most relevant or 'material' to your company and its partners, and should thus be considered?
  • Who? Who owns the issue within your organization, and what are reporting lines to the top? What roles do external partners play?
  • How? What resources are needed to achieve desired results? What new processes should be deployed?
  • When? What is the best sequence in your sustainability program, so that key steps effectively build on each other?

We pay particular attention to the integration and alignment of sustainablity strategies with the core strategies of the company. More often than not, there are high degrees of synergy between corporate objectives and sustianability objectives. Our approach brings these into alignment.