Comparative LCA of Transport Packaging

Sustainserv recently completed a comparative environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) of reusable corrugated layer pads made from polypropylene and corrugated cardboard. The pads are used as divider sheets for container transport in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The study was commissioned by a leading multinational supplier of reusable polypropylene layer pads in order to understand the environmental impacts of their product and compare its environmental profile to the one of a relevant cardboard alternative. It was carried out following the guidelines of the ISO 14040 series. The methodology and results of the LCA were certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH who conducted the critical review.

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GRI G4: New Course Dates in Zurich

datesSustainserv offers GRI-certified training courses for sustainability reporting. Register today for one of our next courses in Zurich.

There are a large number of published sustainability reports and sustainability practitioners must find a way to present their company's performance in a comprehensive and comparable way.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) provides a framework for transparent communication of sustainability performance.

In our GRI certified training courses, you will receive an introduction to the GRI guidelines and an overview of trends in sustainability reporting, practical guidance and tools for the introduction and optimization of sustainability reporting in your company.

With the creation of nearly 100 GRI reports - which all successfully reached the desired GRI application level - sustainserv is one of the most experienced consultancies in the field of sustainability.

The GRI training courses are offered as two-day courses (2 x 8 hours) at a central location in Zurich. Presentations, case studies, group exercises and discussions help participants apply the course content actively and strengthen the learning experience.

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Electric cars complement municipal vehicle fleets

Expert estimates diverge of how fast the electric cars will conquer the streets. But the dynamics are palpable. Cities, municipalities as well as companies frequently use vehicles with an electric power system. A quinquennial field test was completed in the region Basel, which has been evaluated by Sustainserv, Inc. The experiences show, that the electric cars have lost their "Freak-Status" and meanwhile are being used as conventional cars. You can download a professional article (in German) about the project here.

Bernd Kasemir on Sustainable Value Creation

In the past, sustainability programs often focused on presenting corporations in a favorable, "charitable" light. Today, however, corporate sustainability initiatives are an integral, strategic element of value creation. As such, they need active top management leadership and governance-level control.

Values create value

Assuming that a business is managed sustainably because it is behaving as "green" and socially responsible as possible in every respect is usually misleading. Business strategy expert and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter has found that the secret of successful business strategy is focus. Trying to be the cheapest and highest quality provider for all client segments at the same time rarely leads to success in the marketplace. Instead, it is better to choose a clear strategic position by asking questions such as: What types of clients do I want to serve? What mix of quality and price advantage is most attractive for them? Can I make my products or services unique? Can I provide them in a manner different from my competition, so that a marketplace advantage is created?